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What is APAP machine?

Just if you have ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may already have come across the APAP term. This term is largely used to describe the treatment therapy that is prescribed for sleep apnea.

It stands for “Automatic Positive Airway Pressure”. The term doubles up as one of the three kinds of pressure airway pressure therapies. Pressure airway pressure therapy mainly cures respiratory illnesses by delivering air pressure to the mouth, throat or nose, to aid you in breathing.

To do this, it makes use of an auto-adjustable positive airway pressure machine that subsequently provides varying degrees of pressure all the while as you sleep on the basis of how you inhale it.

The machine works within a range of 4-20 pressure points which all work to confer the pressure range that is most suitable for your course. APAP machines for sleep apnea generally work better if you require additional pressure.

It computes this pressure output on the basis of your deeper sleep cycles, the kinds of sedatives you use, your preferred sleep positions, and the likelihood that the flow of the air may be disrupted as you sleep.

3 leading kinds of positive airway pressure therapies
exist for your consideration

All these kinds of PAP therapies are usually implemented using specialized machines or devices. For it to be operated, the machine is first and foremost attached to a mask through a tube. Then, it is administered to a patient who wears it to draw the air that it generates.


Bi-level or variable positive airway pressure (VPAP)


Automatic positive airway pressure (APAP)


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)


Benefits of the APAP machine for sleep apnea

Its main strong point is that you need not hook up on auto CPAP settings all night long. Its use hence signifies that your pressure level may in fact be significantly lower throughout.

Persons who are sensitive to higher air pressure levels like those who may be claustrophobic are certain to accrue a variable pressure level that brings along more comfort and better sleep at night.

An APAP machine for sleep apnea is also great to make do with if your pressure needs at night vary radically. For instance, if you are the kind who experiences great seasonal or situational fluctuations of colds or allergies, you will definitely want more or less pressure depending on the degree of the congestion of your throat.

The same goes for the situation in which you may be consuming lots of alcohol. Under that circumstance, you will naturally require more air pressure to make up for the resultant flaccidity of the muscles and the tissues of your body as alcohol is a well-known depressant.

This best APAP machine for sale adjusts on its own in response to these conditions while the BiPAP and the CPAP machines are incapable of doing so.

How is CPAP different from APAP?

CPAP delivers a level of continuous air pressure whereas the APAP breathing machine automatically adjusts to meet the specific pressure or air needs of an individual. The exact needs of course change as the individual sleeps. Another difference is that an APAP machine price usually higher than a CPAP machine. But the function of an APAP machine for sale is better than a CPAP in terms of the comfiness. Although the APAP machine price is higher than CPAP, you need to consider buying different types of machine based on your needs and not just the price.

It constantly measures the level of resistance that the sleeper encounters on a breath-by-breath basis. The machine is further engineered to know when to increase the pressure level when your upper airway is stable and goes ahead to up the pressure if it detects a strange airway event like snoring, flow limitations, hypopnea, or apnea.

As opposed to the CPAP gadget, the home APAP machine delivers only the amount of pressure that may be precisely needed at that point. Physicians have deduced that patients who have more severe forms of sleep apnea conditions do experience better outcomes with the APAP therapy.

A CPAP machine is mainly suitable in case your breathing patterns are largely constant throughout the night regardless of the changes in positions. That is given their ability to detect any small changes in the sleep patterns or positions and the varying pressure settings they evoke.

For instance, in case you experience sleep apnea more often when you sleep at your back than at your stomach or side, the machine detects this and makes the necessary changes appropriately.

Furthermore, the home APAP machine is also capable of treating your sleep apnea and relieve you of the snoring, drowsiness, and choking that ordinarily comes about with this condition.

Now that both machines are able to do the same job, what makes the difference between the two of them thus? There are some outstanding reasons that elevate the APAP machine Amazon over the CPAP. These are:

  • Automatic pressure adjustments – Your body’s pressure needs to change with time. The same arises mainly in response to the changes in your lifestyle, level of activity, and medical conditions. These ultimately determine the pressure therapy that the APAP machine cost might need to mitigate the underlying problems.
  • Utmost convenience – A typical best APAP machine automatically varies the pressure settings you need on the basis of the way you breathe and require no strenuous adjustments as the typical CPAP machine.
  • Convertibility – You may also convert the APAP into a CPAP as per your wish. Moreover, many of the APAP machine Amazon are convertible to the CPAP modes, enabling you to ascertain the precise titration therapy that mostly suits your needs.
  • Seamless compatibility – As if the above is not enough, the APAP breathing machine is also able to detect your breathing patterns and make the necessary changes automatically to suit the precise needs just right.
  • Takes care of your sickness – If you fall sick or have a tendency to do so, this APAP machine cost also has you covered and well taken good care of. It is able to detect your coughs, allergies, colds, and other breathing difficulties and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Responsive – Apart from the sickness and sleep issues, the machine is also able to detect and respond appropriately to the body changes you may experience. These include the changes in your health like weight loss, that may naturally call for varying auto CPAP settings. If the machine detects them, it automatically adjusts the pressure output within the range stipulated by the doctor.

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